What we do

We run a growing and successful community football club in Regent’s Park and we have Girls, Boys, Women and Men’s teams. We’ve had to be patient and grow slowly. We make mistakes but mostly are able to fix these and do well.

The things the last 15 years have taught me and the club.

If we can’t do the basics amazingly well, nothing else matters Since starting the Regent’s Club back in 2006 we are passionate about supplying our kids with the best coaching environment possible. Our coaches are paid a good living wage which means we can supply a team of coaches being paid for their profession.

Be honest. People trust you when you tell the truth Funding for grassroot clubs simply does not exist we are at the bottom of the pyramid and London is not the cheapest place to live, work and bring up a family. Running a small football club is a challenge financially but we can and we do. We would like to thank the 99% of people who really do support us and understand the work we do. Your subs contribute to us supporting us running the club and supporting many

Hire people with passion and who care. We can’t put the fire in someone’s belly. Only they can do that.Just to repeat that our coaches are paid a good living wage which means we can supply a team of coaches being paid for their profession. Our coaches are professionals and they believe in our Regent’s coaching system. We train our coaches with our very own Regent’s curriculum and give them the confidence to develop themselves as role models.

Be brave with your ideas. And be a wizard to make them happen Regent’s Park Football Club philosophy is not about doing slightly better, it is about taking our community on a magical massive success adventure. Where can we go!!! Gothia 2020, Dallas Cup. We have huge dreams and intentions to be the very best we can be

Making this a fun club to play and work in takes a lot of hard work.The list below is just some of the work that needs to be undertaken in order to run the club:

  • Registrations for all players in the club
  • Attending League meetings for Market Road League, Regent’s Park League, Harrow Youth League, Greater London Womens Football League, Islington Mens Midweek League
  • Sorting out over 20 fixtures weekly which means notifying players, managers, referee’s, parents and making sure we have enough players for the games.
  • Sorting out referees fees(other clubs have to pay their refs fees on a Saturday morning)
  • Paying League Fees
  • Ensuring the club is FA Community Club Charter Standard compliant
  • Registering and paying for all DBS checks
  • Ordering club kits from our Acerbis sports brand and then organising our printer to print all our badges, players squad numbers on to the kits.
  • Registering all players with the leagues with photos and details to allow them to play in the league.
  • Working and developing our online platform and app to help us notify parents of games, training, collect subs, notify coaches of games and numbers helps reduce our admin (Our website and admin costs £800 per month)
  • Updating the FA Whole-game system with all our players, coaches and management team.
  • Booking and paying for courses for volunteers
  • Booking Winter, Spring and Summer venues
  • Paying for Winter, Spring and Summer venues (Venues costs us £1,000 per week)
  • Booking pitches for our three Harrow Youth teams and our Womens 11 v 11 teams
  • Organising referees for 11 v 11
  • Correspondence with the London FA.
  • Working in the London FA Council to develop new strategy and improvements in youth Football.