The Regent's Park club team are passionate about supplying the best football coaching teams and the best learning environment for our players. Regent's are proud to have a learning environment to set up to improve our staff as well as players. Our coach team help us

  • To create our club's style of play.
  • To produce football that is varied, dynamic, with initiative and high intensity.
  • To develop intelligent footballers which we need for the Gothia 
  • To grow confident and good kids who become good people
  • To give our players the best fun and learning environment to play good football

Our Regents way begins with our Toddler and Kids sessions for our 4 to 6 year olds and this program is managed by our wonderful Keeley Kemble. All children are different and learn at different levels, so our coaching sessions will have a variety of ages within them. The key is having fun and in our parents just enjoying watching our young players.

Our coaching way or structure requires specific developmental steps at key moments in the player's growth and to achieve this most effectively and consistently "Age Band Specialists" are appointed to deliver their own key phase of the system.

We base our way on having three to four hours and 2000 touches a week. Increasing to over 3000 with our older players.

U8 & U9 Phase: Introducing Technique,
U10 & U11 Phase: Teaching Technique
U12 Phase: Tuning the Technique

Each session is geared around touching the ball as many times as possible. Basic motor skills such as running, skipping and hopping are emphasised, improving ball control and general movement. But above all the emphasis is on fun for your child!

U13 to U14 Phase: Turning technique into Skill
U15, U16 and U17 Phase: Preparing our player program for University/Senior squads.



Kevin Houliston

Team: Celtic & Arsenal
Player: Dennis Bergkamp
Fav Food: Italian Food
Inspirational person: My wife Danielle
People don't know that I was born in Scotland

Keeley Kemble

Fave team: Arsenal
Fave player: Dennis Bergkamp
Fave food: pasta
Who inspires me today: Steph Houghton

Something people don't know
About me: I got my first sports qualification when I was 15years old

I'm quite boring and I used to be slimmer but I'm working on this.

Claudio Gomes

Coach for U16 & U17

As a senior coach with the older teams, Claudio has grown our teams confidence and uses his Sports Science degree background to improve the players fitness and play.

Fave team: huge Benfica fan
Favourite player is Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Who inspires you today? Jose Mourinho
Favourite Food: Bitoque
Raised in Portugal and not a lot of people know he is an ex DJ. Claudio graduated with a first class degree in Sports Science. He is a lecturer full time and helps run our Men's team. He is a Dad and has amazing energy and insight for our older players.

Ruben Alves

Fave Team: Arsenal
Fave Player: Francis Coquelin
Fave Food: Shepherds Pie
Who inspires you today: My brother
What do people not know about you: I was born in Portugal

Marlene Laundos

Senior Coach for our U9's and our U12 Gothia team.

Marla played for her Native country Portugal as a Futsal player and she brings her experience, passion to our U8 teams.

Marla is a full time PE Teachers and she is a fantastic coach and real inspiration. Last years Gothia Squad almost won the Gothia Cup with her amazing coaching and training over the year. She is a real talent .

Fave team: Portuguese National Team
Favourite player:
Cristiano Ronaldo
Who inspires you today?
My family.
Favourite Food:
Bacalhau à Minhota

john McCulloch


Gavin Murphy

Rhonan Casey

I joined the Regent's as a player.

I'm doing my sports


I am a young, hard-working, passionate coach from Greece.

I play football about 15 years and I coach about 3.

I played in semiprofessional categories in Greece as a footballer and I won the championship of universities of west Greece.

Jamie Caires

Fave team: Greenock Morton
Favourite player:
Who inspires you today?
My players
Favourite Food:
It’s a tough one but I do love


What people don’t know about me -  I am playing with the Regent’s Mens team and I am the superstar of this team and you just need to see me. Come down and support us

shajad (shay) abdus

Ben Witley


Coach for the U8 & Girls U14

Ben is an outstanding coach as seen with the coaching of his teams. He is studying to become a teacher with a career in Primary School Teaching and we are reaping the benefit of his calm and intelligent way with our players.

Fave team: Norwich City
Favourite player ever is: Iniesta
Who inspires you today?: My mother
Favourite Food: Thai


What people don’t know about me -  TBC



Fave team: Dire Dawa & TSV 1860 München

Fave player:
Romario & Ronaldinho

Fave food: Tibs & Kitfo

Who inspires me today: Yidnekatchew Tessema

Something people don't know
About me:
I could have become long distance runner



Tom Woolas

Michael Sanni

Fave team: Real Madrid
Fave player: Fabio Canavarro
Fave food: PondoYam
Who inspires me today: Marta Sanni ( My Wife )
About me: I grew up in Lagos Nigeria, playing football since when I was a kid, before turning professional at 17yrs , went on to play in many countries before retiring in 2015 then turning Coach as well as Obtaining my license in Poland, USA before I move permanently to Regents where I am having best Coaching of my life.

Treven Augustin

Joe Symonds

james kiernan


Fave team: West Ham
Favourite player: Ronaldinho
Who inspires you today? Gary Vaynerchuk
Favourite Food: pasta

What people don’t know about me -  I am a Magician and a playing card entrpreneur


Chamarl Affor


Chamarl is one of our new coaches and joined us in September. He comes from a number of years coaching and is one our new up and coming coaches

Fave team: Arsenal
Favourite player is : Patrick Vieira
Who inspires you today?
My parents

Something people do not know about me : TBC

Favourite Food: Jerk Chicken and Jollof Rice

Chloe Spiteri

Chloe has played for West Ham and Dagenham and Redbridge. She is also the current 9x British Wrestling Champion and representated Team GB at various levels, including at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Additionally she has competed in a high level in MMA, athletics, Rowing and Swimming.

Fave team: Chelsea

Fave player: Lampard

Who inspires me today: Lampard

Favourite food: Chinise

One word to describe me: unstoppable

Reece Howell

Tareeq Ayomide

Julio Barros

Jonas Garcia de Leon

Fave team: Real Madrid
Fave player: Fernando Redondo
Fave food: Any dish shared in good company
Who inspires me today: My parents

Something people don't know about me: I'm a professional Tennis coach and Basketball was my sport for ten years.

When I was a child I aimed to work as a shepherd.

There might be much more curious things about me, but I don't want you to get bored