We don't think we are better than anyone else; we are just different. Since, 2006, we have grown organically and we now have over 350 girls and boys in our youth section. Our aim is to be an inclusive, local community football club.

We are committed to the development of  both our young players  and our coaches through a proven coaching system, believing this to be the most effective and rewarding method of creating sustained success and keeping our players longer in the game.

We believe that a well-run club needs to participate in the best tournaments so every year we participate in the Gothia Cup, which is the best youth tournament in Europe. 

We love and admire the Tahuichi Club in Bolivia.  They were the  original inspiration for our participation in the Gothia Cup after I visited them in a 2006 trip to Bolivia.  Tahuichi are Bolivian Champions and 10 times winners of the Gothia Cup back in 2012.

Athletic Bilbao's Academy program also inspired us after we visited them with one of our teams in 2014 and it made us realise the needed to inspire our coaches and teams to be the best they can be.

The Royal Parks have recognised our club as Community Club and as a year round provider of football in the stunning Regent's Park venue since 2006.

In 2019/20 season as part of our long term plan as a Community club we started our Women and Men's teams. Our dream of becoming a multiple Gothia Cup Winning club has saw us in three semi finals and 2021 will be our tenth year. This inspires us all.

The player is the key element, the cornerstone of our development plans. We are proud that in 2019 we introduced Relative Age groups to improve all our players learning environments.

Since 2006, the club has run as a Football Community Social enterprise and is solely funded by our parents subscriptions and money raised through the Regent's PE community program.

Our coach team help us

  • To create our club's style of play.
  • To produce football that is varied, dynamic, with initiative and high intensity.
  • To develop intelligent footballers which we need for the Gothia 
  • To grow confident and good kids who become good people
  • To give our players the best fun and learning environment to play good football

Today, our coaching team consists of a number of Regent's PE coaching team working full days as PE Teachers in local schools and the other are football creatives from Podcasters, Designers, Social Media types, Teachers to Builders with a passion for football coaching.

With 4 ex professional footballers in our coach team and one of England's best football coach trainers in Colin Reid. Colin is taking two of our coaches in 2020/21 through their Uefa B. Colin does regular CPD chats and helps develop our curriculum.

We base our way on a mix of coaching Masters such as Colin, Cruyff, Bielsa, Guardiola and Ruiz.

Cruyff's ideas were "that talent can be optmised through individual development".  We work on the long term with all our teams from U6 toddlers through to the Gothia ages and now onto our Women's and Men's teams.

Each session is geared around our club curriculum for that age and ability level.  However, we also believe that children learn best when they are having fun.





Kevin is one of the best youth coaches in the club and has been with the club almost from the beginning. He has won a number of League Championships and multiple Cups at Market Road and the Harrow league.

Additionally, Kevin has been to Gothia 7 times in a row and he has taken teams to the quarter finals. His challenge was the age group of his players as they were younger than the teams they played against.

Kevin is doing his Uefa B license over 2020 21 and he works with our U11 and our U16 age groups.

He will win the Gothia Cup one day and 2021 could be the year.

Team: Celtic & Arsenal
Player: Dennis Bergkamp
Fav Food: Italian Food
Inspirational person: My wife Danielle
People don't know that I was born in Scotland


Keeley (Keels) Kemble is one of our Master Coaches with over 10,000 hours PE and football club coaching behind her.

Keels is one of our Regent's PE community coaches and has been coaching in schools for over 12 years.

Imagine teaching 30, year 6 primary school kids over 12 years and you get the picture.

Keeley is also the Assistant Manager of the Regent's Womens team and a decent no.7

She is an expert with the younger age groups in particular and has a real warmth and way with the kids and parents.

Fave team: Arsenal
Fave player: Dennis Bergkamp
Fave food: pasta
Who inspires me today: Steph Houghton

Something people don't know about me: Her Dad has worked on his own Market Stall selling Jamaican food for over 30 years.


Ruben helps organise and run the Regent's club and both him and Keeley are passionate about helping our coach team create the best coaching environment for our kids.

Ruben works in the Regents's Community PE team in a couple of our local schools.

Ruben is the man behind organising the teams, fixtures, league liaison and also running and coaching teams. This takes a lot of time and effort scheduling the matches and training pitches etc.

This season will see Ruben work with his U14 teams at Market Road and in the Sunday Harrow league.

Fave Team: Arsenal
Fave Player: Francis Coquelin
Fave Food: Shepherds Pie
Who inspires you today: My brother
What do people not know about you: I was born in Portugal


Marla is a Masters coach with over 10,000 hours of coaching PE and football. She works with our Regent's PE community coaches.

In Gothia 2019, Marla and Keeley almost won the Gothia Cup and the Covid virus stopped the plans for 2020 but they will be back with their team in 2021.

Marla played for her Native country Portugal as a Futsal player and she brings her experience, passion to our U10 boys team and our U13/U14 boys youth team.

Marla is a full on Duracell type and she is a fantastic coach and real inspiration to both coaches and players. As we said, the 2019 Gothia Squad almost won the Gothia Cup with her amazing coaching and training over the year. She is a real talent .

Fave team: Portuguese National Team
Favourite player:
Cristiano Ronaldo
Who inspires you today?
My family.
Favourite Food:
Bacalhau à Minhota


Nikos has just finished his Masters in Sports with Football as the subject, so he is our new man to go for the latest info on the game and joined our Masters coaching group.

Nikos has been a revelation for the club with his impact on the coaches and players. His passion and knowledge for the game is amazing and he is turning into an outstanding youth coach.

Like Kevin and Marla, he is one our Gothia Coaches to look out for with a chance of taking a team all the way to the finals. This season he will be working with the U13's and the U17/18 Harrow team.

He is also a player and plays for our Mens team. With over 15 years as a semiprofessional in Greece as a striker so is a real asset for us as a club.

Nikos has been to the Gothia two times and we are getting closer. Gothia 2021 is a realistic target for Nikos's teams.

Fave team: Olympiakos
Favourite player:
Who inspires you today?
My players
Favourite Food: 


John McC is coach for our Women's team who play in the Greater London Women's Football League and he helps out with the U7 to U10 groups. John also is involved in lots of football stuff, league, finances, coach training etc

John is an ex professional and semi pro player from Scotland. He is a keen runner as seen with him joining the womens team on the pre season running up the Parliament Hill.

John feels every youth player should experience the Gothia Cup John said "its just the best thing a young footballer can can do, no questions asked"

Fave team 1: Irvine Victoria FC (First division, Scottish lowland league)

Favourite player: Danny Mcgrain

Who inspires you today? The Gothia Cup and winning it multiple times

Something about me: I've ran the Ben Nevis Fell race 6 times a long time ago


Colin is the ultimate Football Coaching Master at the very highest level of the game. He has been involved with Regent's Park youth for over 8 years as our football coaching mentor and he is the real deal. John McCulloch, our Chairman calls Colin a coaching genius. 

Regent's and Colin's committed to the development of young players through a proven coaching system, believing this to be the most profitable and rewarding method of creating sustained success and keeping our players longer in the game.

Colin has been at the forefront of the youth academy system in England, during which time he has been directly involved in the the development 90+ professional players, including 10 Full England Internationals e.g. Jonjo Shelvey, Mark Noble, Jermain Defoe.......

We have had Colin take two our teams to the Gothia Cup and he took our U16 squad to the quarter finals of the Gothia. Colin is a good friend of the club.

Take a look at this interview with Jonjo



Rhonan is another of our Sports Science graduates and one of our Regents PE community team.

Rhonan has been with the club since he was a U13 playing for us at Market Road. He is an outstanding young coach and he is developing some fine Regent's youth teams both in the girls and boys sessions.

Obviously, he is a very happy bunny with the Liverpool quadruple and why not! 

Rhonan lost his Dad in August and he is now the head of the family, so keep an eye out and give him a huge smile.

Fave team: Liverpool

Fave player: Ronaldinho and Stevie G 

Fave food: Roast Potatoes  

Who inspires me today: Family, Friends, and Regents Coach Team


Jamie is a real character of a coach and a real inspiration for many players. He gets our club values of teaching the kids to become better players and individuals. Jamie is a "top" bloke and coach as said recently by one of our parents.

Jamie has been coaching with the club for over 5 years now and has a couple of Gothia trips under his belt. He is a fun coach to be with for all the players but his knowledge of the game is clear in how his teams play.

Jamie is another student of the game and he is currently doing his UEFA B badge over 2020 21 and he works with our U12 and our U15 age groups.

Fave team: Arsenal

Favourite player:  Ronaldinho

Who inspires you today? Life experience

Favourite Food: Jerk chicken

Something about me -  I talk about football.....alot....


Shay is a football club coaching dream. Fun, Hard working and a lover of the game. His coaching strengths are a real joy from working with high level players to beginners. Shay's experience with coaching and matches make him the ideal coach for our players. 

Shay has been with the club for over 5 years now and is becoming one of the senior team and therefore able to help the coach team with the usual challenges that come over the season. This experience is so valuable for the club and Shay is a key assett.

Fave team: Manchester united/ my u12 Spartans! 

Fave player: Lionel messi/Roy keane/vardy

Fave food: BBQ/ anything spicy. 

Who inspires me today: Bruce Lee/regents coaching team.

Something people don't know About me: I was on blue Peter playing football when I was 10. Lol for the look, listen and live road safety adverts.


Tate is entering his 3rd season with the club and he is another of our young football creatives with his passion for the game seeing him doing a weekly Arsenal blog and a few coaching roles.

Tate is starting his UEFA B and he is working with Colin as his tutor which is just the coolest thing as Colin is arguably the very best at this level. 

Tate is a lovely young man and his passion for the game is clear. He is another student of the game and his coaching knowledge is seen in his coaching sessions and also hearing his Arsenal podcast. We seem to have a lot of gooners in the coach team which makes it a lot of fun on the team drinks. 

Favourite Team: Arsenal; unfortunately.

Favourite Player: Chris Wood

Favourite Food: Jursey Slider

Who inspires me today? Tyson Fury

Something about me: Podcasts, coaching and music, give us a view ~ Arsenal Active.

“From the South, conquered the North, now sitting on top of the World”


Michael is another of our ex professional players and he played in a number of countries as a professional player. He is a real asset for the club, the players and coaches with his knowledge and experience.

Michael is a real inspiration and is passionate about passing his knowledge on to his young players.

With a young family, we are delighted that Michael has committed to join our coaching team to pass on his knowledge of the game.


Fave team: Real Madrid
Fave player: Fabio Canavarro
Fave food: PondoYam
Who inspires me today: Marta Sanni ( My Wife )
About me: I grew up in Lagos Nigeria, playing football since when I was a kid, before turning professional at 17yrs , went on to play in many countries before retiring in 2015 then turning Coach as well as Obtaining my license in Poland, USA before I move permanently to Regents where I am having best Coaching of my life.



Ben came to us through his teaching position from one of the parents of one of our old boys. Ben is studying to become a teacher with a career in Primary School Teaching.

I am delighted to say that he is a Norwich fan and I know he feels they will return back to the Premier in 2021. Ben is a lovely coach and this is reflected in how he coaches the U8 boys and the U14 girls. Like all of our coaches, Ben has a passion for the coaching of the game and we are lucky to have him with us.

That being said, thankfully, he is a Norwich fan as the season they had was a testing one. Your child will have a lot of fun with the Ben.

Fave team: Norwich City
Favourite player ever is: Iniesta
Who inspires you today?: My mother
Favourite Food: Thai

Something about me:




Fasil is one our ex professional footballers having played in Germany for a number of years and Faisal brings with him this rich level of experience as youth player in Germany and then making it as a professional player.

Fasal is an entrpreneur and he is involved with work with the Somalian football community here and overseas. The club are hoping in 2021 to visit his TSV 1860 München German Academy program to learn some lessons from them

With a young family, we are lucky to have him commiting to coming along on Saturdays to pass on his knowledge and experience.

Fasal coaches the U10 boys and the U14 boys.

Fave team: Dire Dawa & TSV 1860 München

Fave player:
Romario & Ronaldinho

Fave food: Tibs & Kitfo

Who inspires me today: Yidnekatchew Tessema

Something about me: I could have become a long distance runner


Joe played for Millwall as a youth player and he is another student of the game. He works with both our U9 boys and our U11 girls and is a good coach and person.

Joe works with our U9 boys team for the past two years alongside Reece and we challenged them to work with a Relative age group e.g. Winter babies, Spring and Summer. 

So, Joe has had the September born lads mostly and this experiment has worked well and enable the less able players to catch up with the better players. The goal is to keep our players motivated to stay in the game longer.

This also means getting support of the parents to let their kids play and to keep the ego's out of the way. As they say "The game is the teacher" and what is for sure, the parents need to allow the games to teach the boys.

Favourite team: Arsenal
Favourite player ever: Thierry Henry
Favourite food: pie n mash
Who inspires me today?: Pep Guardiola

Something you don’t know about me: I have played football ever since I could walk, i watch every game I possibly can. I also enjoy boxing. My next goal is to achieve my UEFA B coaching badge.


Chloe is one of our Regent's Community PE coaching team and she is lovely. Chloe has played for West Ham and Dagenham and Redbridge.

Last season she went out of her way to collect and drop off some of our midweek girls team via the tube. She will be going to Gothia in 2021 with our first Regent's girls team.

Chloe will be coaching the U9 boys and the U14 girls. 

She is also the current 9x British Wrestling Champion and representated Team GB at various levels, including at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Additionally she has competed in a high level in MMA, athletics, Rowing and Swimming.

Fave team: Chelsea

Fave player: Lampard

Who inspires me today: Lampard

Favourite food: Chinese

One word to describe me: Unstoppable

Something about me: I do a lot of public speaking in schools on mental health and special needs and I have a passion for developing myself to help others.


Reece just became a Dad again for the third time during lock-down and everyone is doing well although sleep is on the agenda.

Reece works with our U9 boys team for the past two years alongside Joe and we challenged them to work with a Relative age group e.g. Winter babies, Spring and Summer. 

So, Reece has had the Winter born lads mostly and this experiment has worked well and enable the less able players to catch up with the better players.

Reece is a full-time PE Teacher and another exciting student of the game and we love his coaching way. Every coach is different but the coach team use the numbers and regents program as a core tool to give our kids confidence in where and how to play.

This new season will be fun and interesting to see how the boys do after almost 6 months of no competitive football.

Reece and Joe with the U9 boys are a dream pairing for the boys.

Fave Team: Man Utd 2008
Fave Player: Ronaldinho
Inspiration: My Kids
Favourite Good: Greek Souvlaki

Something people don't know about me: I got Married at 22. I proposed after 3months. I knew she was the one!


Mauricio joined the club last season and he is one of our UEFA B qualified coaches and he is on his A license journey over 2020/2021.

Mauricio brings a massive amount of experience in coaching to the club and we are delighted to attract him to the club. The players will love his South American way with his coaching and fun games.

He has been working over the lockdown on a number of football projects for improving training and development of our club coaches.

Mauricio is working with both our Women't team, our U17 girls team and with the boys.

On the playing side, he is a very good player so he will have lots of fun in the football games with all his players and a definite for the coach v parents squad.


Fave player: Ronaldinho
Fave food: Bandeja Paisa
Who inspires me today: My wife (adry) & Daughter (Emerald)
Something people do not know about me: I was a Police Officer in Colombia
Favourite Team: Real Madrid



Tom is studying as a student and he is going into his Third year with ourselves and UCL University.

He is the perfect role model for our young players and his parents love him. He is playing for the UCL 2's so he is a good player for our Mens team.

Tom has done one Gothia tour and we hopefully can convince him to bring this experience for the Gothia 2021.

Fave Team: Fulham

Interesting story: Last year while skiing in deepest darkest Switzerland and on the chairlift he heard one of his girls from his girls team shouting his name. Tom was wearing on the Regent's wooly hats and by all accounts could not be missed.

Tom will be coaching his boys and U13 girls this season...


James is one of our social media football loving team members. James is part of our creative community team with a passion for diversity, community and support for current and future creative projects. James also helps with our new players joining our teams.

Fave team: West Ham
Favourite player:
Who inspires you today?
Gary Vaynerchuk
Favourite Food:

Something about me:  I am a Magician and a playing card entrepreneur.



Tareeq, is one of our Sports Science students and has been with the club over 2 year's now and he plays for our Men's team as a striker. He has got one of the best smiles around and he has been a really good coach with the younger teams.

Tareeq's coaching journey is really exciting as he is able to combine his football coaching with his Sports Science studies.

He has a lovely coaching way with the younger players and he is the perfect coach to start with for these young footballers.

Fave Team: Man Utd

Fave Player:Damian Lillard  

Favourite food: Pounded Yam with Egusi soup and spinach



Jonas is a full time PE Teacher and a Sports Scientist and he joined the club last season and he is a fantastic asset with his experience and know how in coaching.

Hopefully, we can utilise his experience for the new 2020/21 season and he will be working with both the boys and girls teams.

Passionate about Real Madrid and lets see if he can bring some Redondo magic to our players.

Fave team: Real Madrid
Fave player: Fernando Redondo
Fave food: Any dish shared in good company
Who inspires me today: My parents

Something people don't know about me: I'm a professional Tennis coach and Basketball was my sport for ten years.

When I was a child I aimed to work as a shepherd.

There might be much more curious things about me, but I don't want you to get bored