Skills based football for kids and youth

The Regents Football Club is a restless band of motivated players, supportive parents, determined and dedicated professional coaches and volunteers, singularly focused on creating a challenging, exciting, productive and rewarding future for youth football in the greater Regents and Hampstead park area.

Our coaching consists of four main components, which are delivered in an integrated way and focus on the development of the following:

  • Technical skills (passing, dribbling and manipulating the ball)
  • Tactical skills (defending, attacking, decision making, game awareness)
  • Physical skills (co-ordination, balance, speed, agility)
  • Mental skills (mindset, perserverance, focus, discipline)

We are delighted to report a significant educational and social benefit for each individual player, every year our parents feedback that the schools record improvements in concentration, confidence and academic output.


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The Footy Journey
Starts Here...

Classes for Regents Park FC are open to all abilities and we run our training classes both in the Parks at weekends and our midweek classes are held at our local schools and sports centres during the week.

We run a number of age groups from 4 year olds up to U17.

Toddlers FC - 4 to 5 year olds
Regents Park FC - U6, U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15

We finish on Saturday 16th July and we will be running Summer camps during the week and at the weekends starting 22nd August. Call us now to book a place.

The Winter term will run from Saturday 3rd September until Sunday 18th December.

We break for half term for 1 week running from Saturday 29th October - 4th November and there will be NO Training sessions during these dates.

Come and join us today! Just call our admin on our club mobile 07807 265490


"Creating friends, moments and building confidence to all our club kids"

What Our Parents
Have to Say

"My son is now nearly 11 and has been playing football with since he was 5. We've seen the formation of the club and its growth from a dream into a fantastic club.... it's for any child who enjoys kicking a ball about"
Sue Dickie, GP

"We guarantee to give your child a wonderful footballing experience with our fantastic team of coaches."
John McCulloch, Chairman and Dad

"John McCulloch and his professionally trained coaches at Regents Park FC know exactly how to bring out the best in children."
John Cartwright, ex-technical director, FA School and Head, Youth Coach, Arsenal